About/Contact Us!

Our shop operates from a place of deep integrity with a healthy, happy focus.  We believe in a clean, sterile environment at all times but also believe in an emotionally clean and uplifting space.  We LOVE what we do, we LOVE the people we get to work with every day and we LOVE that we have such an amazing clientele trusting us with this great big, life long commitment!!

We are a shop that does custom work ~ you won’t find flash on our walls!  Bring us your incredible idea and we can work with that or leave it up to the artists to create something beautiful and meaningful for you!
~Dale & Mia Mathias

613A Main Street

Lively (Sudbury), Ontario

Tuesday to Friday 9am – 5pm

You can contact us via email:


Or come see us on Facebook:


ORRRRRR we also hang out on Instagram:



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